The Mastaba of Tübingen | 10083

The Mastaba of Tübingen

Gamer-Wallert, Tübingen 2019, 79 Pages, Kleine Monographien des MUT, Vo. 11, continuous color illustrations, Series editors: Ernst Seidl & Frank Duerr; ISBN 978-3-9819182-9-8.

With “The Mastaba of Tübingen”, the University of Tübingen possesses an outstanding treasure of Ancient Egypt. It is the limestone inner panelling of a burial monument in Giza, engraved in the finest relief and colourfully decorated. The holdings, gathered from the immediate surroundings of the three worldfamous pyramids, and around 4400 years old, were the final resting place of Seshemnefer III, a highly-merited civil servant of the Old Realm.

This paperback edition is the 11th edition of the series “Brief Monographs by MUT”. It is a response to the frequent requests for broader information on the history, the context and the significance of the major exhibits of the university collections.