The Oldest Giant Wine Barrel. A Superlative at Hohentübingen Castle | 1000027

Bierende, Edgar, Tübingen 2020, 99 pages, Brief Monographs by MUT, Vol. 14, Published by Ernst Seidl und Michael La Corte; ISBN 978-3-9821339-5-9

The oldest giant barrel in the world is in Tübingen, at Hohentübingen Castle. Due to its early construction between 1546 and 1549, it was entered into the Guinness Book of Records. The book at hand is the first monograph concerning the Tübingen Giant Barrel in which both the situation of the princely commission, as well as the works of the cooper Simon Binder are presented. Even though the Tübingen Giant Barrel is empty, it is still full of exciting tales and legends.