Castle Church

Today’s castle chapel belongs to the type “hall church” and its structural equipment, such as the wall painting, pews, and ceiling, goes back to the time of the Nordic Neo-Renaissance of the nineteenth century.

During the great castle reconstructions during the sixteenth century under Duke Ulrich of Württemberg (1487–1550), the castle chapel was moved to its present location in the south wing. During the French siege of the castle at the end of the Thirty Years' War, it was severely damaged in 1647, making extensive renovation necessary. Since the handover of the entire castle to the university in 1816 by King Wilhelm I of Württemberg (1781–1864), the castle church together with the sacristy has served as the seat of the Protestant Preaching Institute. Here, theology students have received part of their practical theological training for over 200 years.

The Castle Church houses the Collection of the Protestant Preachers Institute.

Highlights of the Collection

The inside of the church
The inside of the church

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