Bookable Guided Tours

Castle Barrel Tour

The guided tour of the oldest giant barrel of the world is available once again from December 2023 until March 2024. It will be complemented by visiting the Ice Age figures.

Highlight Tour

The Highlight Tour presents the highlights of the museum.

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In search of the ghost of the castle

It gets creepy at Schloss Hohentübingen! After many years, the castle ghost Kuno has once again come forward, because alone it cannot free itself from its curse.

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At night at the museum

What happens at the museum when the lights go out? Do the ice age figures wander around or do the mummies come to life again?

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Castle Laboratory – Guided Tour

What significance do chemical processes have for life? What are the particularities of blood? The diverse questions that have driven knowledge creators in the biochemical laboratory in the former castle kitchen are conveyed in this guided tour, thereby also using historical laboratory equipment.

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Guided Tour of the Castle

During the short guided tour through the castle rooms and to the viewing platforms, the meaning of this place for the history of the town and the state as well as the scientific history becomes apparent.

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Money Rules the World

The topic of this guided tour is the history of money from the barter to the money in kind, goods or utility money all the way to the invention of the coin about 2500 years ago in India, China and the Aegean.

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Everyday Life in Antiquity

The guided tour allows a lively insight into areas of the private and public everyday life in Antiquity. It shows how previous achievements still affect our life today.

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Fight and Sport in Antiquity

A fist fight with prickly bandages, the race in full armour or horseback racing with magical obstacles demanded hard, professional training from the ancient athletes, with full use of their body.

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