In the Roman Legion

Roman legionnaires are known from movies and books, but what is fictional about it and what is fact. This course is dedicated to the history and the construction of a Roman legion, the constant further development of the equipment and fighting techniques, and especially its soldiers. What did their everyday life look like? Which tasks did they have to fulfil aside from the art of warfare?

A legionnaire’s equipment and other material are available so that questions can be answered in a very practical way; for example, how comfortable is the helmet, how heavy is the breastplate, how difficult is it to march in lockstep or to form and maintain a turtle formation.

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Age group: adolescents (12+)
Duration: about 90 minutes

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Wed to Sun, 10am till 5pm
Thu, 10am till 7pm


70 € including entry fee

MUSEUMS.GUT.SCHEIN (voucher): The KSK Tübingen supports the visit with up to 75€ and up to 50€ for the journey by public transport. More information can be found here.


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