Babylonian School Day

The cuneiform is one of the oldest writings in the world. In this writing, Babylonian scholars have written down their thoughts, experiences, traditions, myths, legends, astronomical teachings and also mathematics. They have thus made them accessible to us.

How did the children learn to write 4000 years ago in Mesopotamian? Following a short presentation and a guided tour through the museum, the children can work out the answer to this question by themselves with the help of clay, a stylus and a character table. At the end everyone will write their name onto the clay tablet in the cuneiform.

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Age group: children (5+) and adolescents (12+)

Duration: about 90 minutes

Opening Hours

Wed to Sun, 10am till 5pm
Thu, 10am till 7pm



70 € including entry fee

MUSEUMS.GUT.SCHEIN (voucher): The KSK Tübingen supports the visit with up to 75€ and up to 50€ for the journey by public transport. More information can be found here.


Bookings: 07071-29-77384
Register: 07071-29-77579


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