Mind and Shape

Mind: Mind, spirit and shape: Shape, form outline the topic of this exhibition. It would like to give an insight into the world of thoughts of mathematics. For, what takes place unseen in the heads, can take on a spatial shape in mathematic models.

The Tübingen Mathematics emerged from the Mathematic-Physical Seminar, which was one of the first of its kind to be founded in 1869. In addition to models, the exhibition also shows portraits of the influential heads of the specific department.

The majority of the presented models were created between 1875 and 1884 under Alexander von Brill and Felix Klein’s management in Munich. At his vocation to Tübingen in 1884, Brill made sure that the university had a complete collection of his models. To date, they are available to the lecturers.

On the Imaginary-Touchscreen geometry can be experienced interactively. Computer generated pictures from the Tübingen GeometrieWerkstatt (Geometry Workshop) give an insight into modern mathematical research.

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