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The University of Tübingen's Professors' Gallery is by far the most extensive at a German university. It includes over 300 portraits of former rectors, chancellors, professors (picture: Wilhelm Schickard), and other officials of the University of Tübingen. The oldest paintings in the collection were created in the sixteenth century. Even today, the university maintains the tradition that portraits of the rectors are made. Due to its chronological unity and its value for the history of science, this collection is under state monument protection.

The professors' gallery is decentralized and housed in various buildings of the university. Larger parts can be seen in the Small and Large Senates of the Neue Aula and a smaller selection in the Fürstenzimmer of Hohentübingen Castle. The majority of this collection is recorded in the eMuseum of the MUT.

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A small insight into the professors gallery
A small insight into the professors gallery

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