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The Egyptian Collection covers the period from Egyptian prehistory around 5500 B.C. to the Christian era in the 7th century A.D. Everyday objects and artifacts of the belief in the afterlife are on display. With ceramic and stone vessels, bronze votive offerings as well as burial objects, the collection represents an impressive spectrum of Egyptian monument culture, which allows an in-depth introduction to Pharaonic Egypt. Among the highlights, both scientific and popular, are the sacrificial chamber of Seschemnefer III from Giza and the coffin of Idi from Assiut, the lid of which is decorated with a star clock that has survived only very rarely.

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Highlights of the Collection

Abbildung: Opferkammer Seschemnefer © Museum der Universität Tübingen/Valentin Marquardt
Opferkammer Seschemnefer © MUT Tübingen
The sacrificial chamber of Seschemnefer III from Giza is one of the scientific and popular highlights at the same time.
Coffin of Idi from Assiut, the lid of which is decorated with a seldom surviving star clock.
Abbildung: Ägyptische Sammlung Highlight © Museum der Universität Tübingen/Valentin Marquardt
Ägyptische Sammlung Highlight
Shrew (Herpestes ichneumon) as bronze figure

One of the most important Egyptological university collections

The foundation of the collection was laid at the beginning of the 20th century, mainly through numerous donations by Ernst von Sieglin. Sieglin's donations are still the main attraction of the collection today and have made it known beyond Germany. After the foundation of the Egyptological Institute in 1959, it was mainly thanks to the institute's founder Hellmut Brunner and his wife Emma Brunner-Traut that the collection could be steadily expanded.

In addition to purchases and donations, the ancient Egyptian holdings of the Lindenmuseum in Stuttgart were acquired; numerous other objects are on permanent loan from the Landesmuseum Württemberg in Stuttgart.

Conceived primarily as a teaching collection for students and a research facility for specialists, the collection provides a complete overview of life in ancient Egypt. However, due to the exceptional quality of many of the exhibits, it also offers interested laypersons an excellent opportunity to familiarize themselves with the culture of Pharaonic Egypt.

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