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Among the university collections, the Botanical Gardens assume a special role since their stock consists nearly without exception of living “objects”. In an area of ten hectares, almost 10000 species of plants are assembled the natural living conditions of which are recreated in the open space as well as in greenhouses. The plant collections of the Botanical Garden are structured according to geographic, ecological and generic aspects and are supplemented by topical sections such as a pharmacy garden and a cottage garden as well as the beds of perennials. Thus, the visitor not only gets to know exotic plants, but also the native flora which is none the less exciting. For instance, the section dealing with the Swabian Jura shows its specific vegetation in its typical communities. In the extensive alpine garden, hundreds of tons of stone and rock provide an appropriate habitat for high-altitude plants which have adapted to extreme conditions. A further focus of the collection is on rhododendrons, with about 75 cultivated breeds and more than 170 wild varieties. They find suitable living conditions in the valley of a natural stream. The Systematic Section stretches across several terraces underneath the tropicarium. In this core piece of the student’s training, the different families of the flowering plants are displayed according to their kinship. Furthermore, above the Northern ring road of the town, the arboretum is situated on five hectares of land, i.e. the systematically structured tree collection of the Botanical Garden. The complex of greenhouses shows sub-tropical and tropical vegetation on more than 3000 square metres. Apart from the rainforest in the emblematic tropicarium, the plant life of the deserts, the sub-tropical humid forests and the Canary Islands is displayed. Second to its main university function of research and teaching, the Botanical Garden is also meant to be a place of education, encounter and recreation for the general public.

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Abbildung: Botanischer Garten Highlight © Museum der Universität Tübingen/Valentin Marquardt
Botanischer Garten Highlight
Botanical Gardens with greenhouses
Tropicarium – plant life in the greenhouse

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