At night at the museum

What happens in the museum when the light goes off? Will the Ice Age figures come alive? And can you not hear the quiet music of a flute made out of bone? Will the mummies come alive again or are the Greek statues drinking wine out of the vases? As we walk through the dark museum with a torch, we will explore the secrets of the past with the help of interesting and thrilling stories of the Stone Age, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece.

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Age group: for children (5+) and adolescents(12+)
Duration: about 60 minutes

Guide tour times

Guided tours are possible at any time upon request.


Group of adults: 50 euros plus entry
Group of pupils: 50 euros including entry


Adults: 5 €
Reduced: 3€ (children, pupils, students, pensioners, severely disabled people)
Family ticket: 12 €
Students of Tübingen: free of charge


Ancient Cultures | Collections in Hohentübingen Castle
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