Highlight Tour

The Highlight Tour presents the highlights of the museum: The around 40 000 years ago manufactured animal miniatures made out of mammoth ivory – the oldest artwork of the human race (UNESCO World Heritage), findings for the UNESCO World Heritage of the pile dwellings and the celtic fortress Heuneburg as well as a big antiquity collection and the “Tübingen Gunner”. Ancient Egypt is presented through an accessible sacrifice chamber of a grave from the Ancient Empire, and a coffin with a star dial which is unique throughout Europe. The Great Hall is considered one of the most beautiful Cast Collections in Germany with its approximately 350 casts of Greek and Roman sculptures.

The Highlight Tour for groups can be booked: 07071-29-77579

A public Highlight Tour takes place every Sunday at 3pm.

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Age group: adolescents (12+) and adults (18+)
Duration: about 60 minutes

Guided Tour Times

Guided tours are possible at any time upon request.


Single person: 3 euros plus entry fee
Group adults: 50 euros plus entry fee
Group pupils: 50 euros including entry fee


Adults: 5€
Reduced: 3€ (children, pupils, students, pensioners, severely disabled people)
Family ticket: 12€
Students of Tübingen: free of charge


Ancient Cultures | Collections in Hohentübingen Castle
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