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The “Archive of Everyday Culture” includes various collections of the institute dating back to the 1930s. These include objects of regional everyday life, political insignia, books and mass press, clothing, masks (picture) and wall decorations, postcards and advertising pictures, toys and films, photographs and albums, autobiographical texts and files on the history of the field. Since the end of the 1960s, the collection canon of traditional folklore (custom props, house models, traditional costumes, pottery) has been specifically supplemented by products of mass culture.

The Arno Ruoff Archive of the Tübingen Center for Language in Southwest Germany containing numerous dialect recordings and a digital language atlas is also part of the collection. The archive is used for teaching and research, it lends objects to exhibitions and is open to external scholars by appointment.

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Highlights of the Collection

First edition of the dime novel "Perry Rhodan", 1971
First edition of the dime novel "Perry Rhodan", 1961
Leica camera, 1936
Leica camera, 1936
So-called phone mask
So-called phone mask

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