Botanical Garden

Admire many superlatives of cultural history such as the oldest figurative art of mankind (UNESCO World Heritage "Ice Age Art") or the oldest musical instrument in the world. Learn more about the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Pile Dwellings", the Egyptian offering chamber of Seschemnefer III, the "Tübingen Hoplite" and the Malanggan artworks from New Ireland.

Almost 10 000 plant species from all around the world are located on a space of ten hectares, their natural living conditions sympathized outdoors and in the greenhouses. The plant collections of the botanical garden are structured by geographical, ecological and genetic viewpoints. They are complemented by thematic departments such as pharmacy - and farm gardens, as well as the shrub beds. Thereby, the visitor not only gets to know exotic plants, but also the native, equally important, fascinating plant world.

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Opening Hours

Mon to Fri: 7.30am till 4.45pm (greenhouses 8am till 4.30pm)

Weekends and bank holidays: 8am till 4.45pm (greenhouses 10am till 4.30pm)


Free of charge


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