Ancient Fashion

This course is dedicated to an important aspect of the Greek and Roman everyday life:
the clothing. Even in antiquity different fashion trends and quality features existed which told a lot about the owner of the clothing. In the first part of the course the way fabric was produced will be shown with objects from the museum. The participants will thereby try out their skills in spinning and weaving.

In the second part of the course clothes from ancient models will be tried on in our casting collection.

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Age group: adolescents (12+)
Duration: about 90 minutes

Opening Hours

Wed to Sun, 10am till 5pm
Thu, 10am till 7pm


70 € including entry fee

MUSEUMS.GUT.SCHEIN (voucher): The KSK Tübingen supports the visit with up to 75€ and up to 50€ for the journey by public transport. More information can be found here.


Bookings: 07071-29-77384
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Ancient Cultures | Collections in Hohentübingen Castle
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