Caves and Ice Age Art Are World Heritage

Caves and Ice Age Art Are World Heritage Six caves in the Swabian Alb and the Ice Age art found in the caves have been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO: In Krakow, the responsible committee decided to include the sites Vogelherd, Bockstein, Hohlenstein-Stadel, Sirgenstein, Geißenklösterle and Hohle Fels in the world heritage list.

Since the beginning of the 20th century scientists of the University of Tübingen have secured and researched the oldest evidence of figurative art, music and religious beliefs of humans in the caves in the Ach- and Lonetal. The animal figures and jewellery made out of mammoth ivory and bones, figurines such as the Venus from the Hohle Fels, and bone flutes were produced during the last Ice Age around 40 000 years ago. They are considered a unique testimony of the history of the human race.

The largest collection of original finds from the Ice Age caves is presented at the Museum of Ancient Cultures in Hohentübingen Castle, including numerous animal figures made out of mammoth ivory from the Vogelherd cave and the recently recovered fragment of a flute made out of griffon bone.



3D-Modells of the Ice Age Figures

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