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When did the first works of art come about? The highlights of the Collection of Early Prehistory are the Ice Age figurines made of mammoth ivory, like the world famous Vogelherd horse. They date back  around 40,000 years and are among the world's oldest works of art.

Collection of Early Prehistory


How did people live 7,000 years ago? The Collection of Late Prehistory houses exhibits of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Prehistoric Pile Dwellings" on Lake Federsee and also Iron Age objects of the Celtic settlements Heuneburg on the Upper Danube and Heidengraben on the Swabian Alb.

Collection of Late Prehistory


What were the secrets of the mysterious scriptures? The collection of Mesopotamian cuneiform texts covers a range of 5000 years of ancient Near Eastern script developement.

Ancient Near East Collection


How did the Egyptians bury their dead? The Egyptian Collection represents an impressive spectrum of funerary rites with mummy masks, coffins and grave goods. The highlight of the department is the offering chamber of Seschemnefer III. from Giza.

Ancient Egyptian Collection

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