Monograph "The Tübingen Hoplite" now available in English.

The University of Tübingen has an extraordinary treasure from ancient Greece: the so called “Tübingen Hoplite.” The high-quality bronze statuette was given to the University as a private donation at the end of the 18th century and founded the original collection of the Institute of Classical Archaeology, which today comprises around 11,000 objects. The athlete in starting position, orginally armed with helmet and shield, was manufactured in the Athens area around 490/480 BC. A hoplite once consecrated this statuette to the gods in a Greek sanctuary as thanks for victorious his success.


This 91-page monograph explains the background and scientific context of this remarkable piece in an entertaining and engaging way. The author Kathrin B. Zimmer also discusses contemporary research on the Tübingen Hoplite and concludes the work with a brief look at replicas of the work.


Originally published in 2015, the fully translated Monograph is now available in the Webshop and in the Giftshop at the Museum Ancient Cultures | Hohentübingen Castle.

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Datum: 19.10.2020