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In Winter Semester 2016/17 the University of Tübingen was supported by the Ministry of Science, Research and Art of the State of Baden-Württemberg in introducing a new field of study for students of already existing Master programs: The profile “museums and collections”, in which several university institutes of arts and culture studies as well as philosophical and social sciences cooperate together under a central institution, the Museum of the University of Tübingen MUT. They thus offer their students a special study program with a focus on museum theory, collection science and museum practice.

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The special feature of the Tübingen profile line lies in the bundling of already existing museum and collection-scientifically oriented subject-specific courses and their connection to the museum and exhibition-related possibilities and competences of the MUT.

In addition, the execution of practice orientated events leans on the state wide singular inventory of 65 scientific university collections.

The aim is to create a museum-theoretically and practically oriented profiling for the specialist courses of study, without foregoing the specialist studies.

The point of focus can be certified in the Master certificate.


The students of the involved subjects decide to do the profile “Museum & Collections” at the beginning of their Master studies, latest at the beginning of the second Master semester.

The modules cover a total of 30 out of 120 credit points which need to be earned in a Master’s program. For the profile line, the compulsory modules MuSa-01: “Museum History and Theory”, MuSa-02: “Study Project Museum & Collections” as well as MuSa-03: “Exhibition and Collections in an Interdisciplinary Context” have to be completed.

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